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Mens Treatments

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Most of our massages and waxing treatments are available for male clients.

so please click on the relevant page to view them.

Below are the other treatments we recommend for male clients



Elemis High Performance Skin Energiser facial

Energises stressed, dehydrated skin with targeted circulation-boosting massage to revitalise and nourish.


                 70 Mins  £65



Body Herbal back cleanse

A deep cleansing back therapy which purifies and decongests. A thorough cleanse is followed by a gentle massage to stimulate and a treatment mask is applied to balance and heal, leaving the skin clear and refreshed.


40 Mins  £45




Elemis sole delight foot treatment

Take a load off with this foot focused tension releaser. Lower legs and feet are thoroughly exfoliated, bathed and massaged. This delightful Elemis foot therapy softens and smooths with the most indulgent opulent aromas.



 55 Mins £42

 25 Mins £26 



Hopi Ear Candling (Thermo auricular therapy) 

This indian relaxation ceremony was traditionally used by the hopi indians in north and south America. A therapeutic treatment for the ears which is natural, pain free and a soothing experience.  Ideal for excess ear wax, sinus congestion, hay fever, rhinitis, migraines and  general cleansing. 



40 Mins  £36

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