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Lashes & Brows
inlei Lash lift at Pure Indulgence day spa Oxford


Lash filler is a revolutionary, innovative & unique new treatment, clinically tested for its effectiveness in giving natural lashes extra thickness and curl.

This eyelash treatment nourishes and thickens damaged, thin and weak eyelashes whilst giving a long-lasting lifting effect to natural eyelashes.


InLei takes the standard lash lift process and fine-tunes it to provide an even better long-term experience for clients. 


This treatment is called a “lash filler” because not only does it lift your lashes like the standard lash lift, but it helps your lashes to be more plump, thick, and nourished over time, the treatment also includes a lash tint to enhance the overall finish of this effective treatment.


InLei Lash Filler is the only treatment in the world clinically proven to thicken the lash hair, increasing thickness by an average of 24% in just three treatments.




Eyelash & Brow Tint 


Eyelash Tint 

Eyelash tinting provides a similar effect to mascara, visibly darkening and thickening the appearance of the lashes without smudging and leaving a longer lasting effect.



Eyebrow Tint 

Eyebrow tinting has the ability to make the eyebrows appear fuller and darker when combined with an eyebrow shape it gives the perfect beautiful defined finish.



Eyebrow Shape